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Fecal incontinence and related chronic constipation are common medical conditions that are difficult for patients and their families.  When appropriately diagnosed, these problems can often be successfully treated.
Breath Hold
Respiratory motion is a problem in many medical procedures involving the lungs and upper abdomen, including MRI imaging, surgery and radiation therapy.  A new biofeedback device can help patients work with doctors to enhance the success of the medical care.

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In healthcare, often the most meaningful innovation starts with clinicians themselves.  After all, who better understands the unique needs of the medical environment than the dedicated, talented professionals who work in the field and save lives every day?

Medspira was founded based on that belief and the commitment to bring important clinically-inspired medical devices to market.  We are dedicated to commercializing leading edge products conceived, developed and perfected in the exam and operating rooms of the nation's leading hospitals. Medspira works with clinicians, inventors and thought leaders at these institutions to take valuable ideas off the drawing board and beyond the borders of a single institution to share their benefits with hospitals, clinics and patients around the world. 

Medspira's product always make an important difference and help physicians deliver better patient care in both large as well as sometimes in small but highly significant ways.  To realize these goals, the company focuses on products that appeal not only to broad markets but that also fill important niche needs that larger vendors might overlook but that are crucial to  physicians themselves.


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ESTRO Barcelona, Spain Booth # When Available April 24th - April 28th
ASCRS Boston, MA Booth # When Available May 30th - June 3rd
mcompass Breath Hold BC-10 Coil
mcompass is an innovative, portable, simple-to-use anorectal manometry device.  It makes testing practical for a broad range of physicians, including Gastroenterologists and Colorectal Surgeons, as well as Primary Care Physicians, Gerontologists, URO/GYNs and OB/GYNs. Breath Hold is the first biofeedback-based respiratory motion control system that enables patients to accurately self-monitor their own breathing patterns and breath-holds for use in Radiation Therapy, Interventional Radiology and the MRI. BC-10 MRI wrist receiver coils are application-specific devices that work with an MRI system to create images of specific small scale anatomical areas.
  • “…We literally performed the biopsy with a single pass, an 18 gauge core biopsy of a 5mm nodule in a patient with extensive COPD with no bleeding, no pneumothorax, and a diagnostic biopsy,”
    . . . Clare Savage, MD, speaking about her first experience with the Breath Hold.
  • “For many procedures of the chest and upper abdomen, Breath Hold is a game changer,”
    . . . Anne Roberts, MD, professor of Radiology at UC San Diego
  • “…Other than changing your needle type, the Breath Hold is the only thing I have seen on the market that actually changes your patient risk profile,”
    . . . Clare Savage, MD
  • “Breath Hold made a dramatic difference the very first time I used it, and from that point on, I was sold,”
    . . . Anne Roberts, MD, professor of Radiology at UC San Diego
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