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Integrating Anorectal Testing into Your Practice is Easy

  • Portable, wireless system weighs only 3 lbs., eliminating the need for a cart and dedicated room.
  • Complete exams in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Simple set up, with 3-component design and built-in software guidance.
  • Ready for use in just seconds after easy priming.
  • High-performance, disposable catheter.
  • Easy built-in WiFi for emailing of full digital encrypted results to appropriate specialists as needed.
  • Data presented in real time on a tablet PC workstation.
  • Full data package can be emailed a specialist in just a few clicks.
  • Affordable purchase price.
  • Rapid ROI.

    mcompass anorectal manometry device by Medspira
    Reimbursements are covered under codes:

    91122 Anorectal manometry.

    91120 Rectal balloon provocation to measure sensory, motor, and biochemical function of rectum in patients with IBS, constipation, and/or fecal incontinence.

mcompass - A Precise, Portable, Easy, and Affordable Anorectal Manometry Testing Device

Fecal Incontinence and Chronic Constipation are Growing Problems

They're major medical problems - and growing rapidly among today's aging population. Yet, despite significant health and lifestyle consequences, only one in 13 patients with fecal incontinence or chronic constipation is tested to determine the cause of their disorder. According to recent studies, patients suffering from either condition experience 55% higher healthcare costs overall and 77% higher gastrointestinal treatment expenses. A total of 50 million people live with these difficulties, but few ever receive medical care.* Those who are treated are often prescribed laxatives or dietary changes, which may not address the underlying cause of their problems. . . and their suffering continues.

Pelvic Floor Function Assessment is Crucial

Rectal manometry and balloon expulsion testing evaluate pelvic floor and anal sphincter problems, which are often the root of these conditions. Specifically, these tests measure the pressures of the anal sphincter muscles, sensation in the rectum and the neural reflexes needed for normal bowel movements. Both these procedures have long been almost the exclusive province of gastrointestinal specialists and colorectal surgeons because they are complex, time-consuming and typically require dedicated rooms. Moreover, workflow does not easily integrate into many practices, while capital equipment costs are traditionally high, and justification necessitates a significant exam volume. Yet, these tests play a pivotal role in the accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment of serious and widespread conditions.

Medspira - Launching a Revolution in Anorectal Manometry

Introducing a new concept in anorectal manometry, mcompass is the first ever portable, simple-to-use device that will integrate into the workflow of any practice and make testing a reality for a broad range of physicians.

  • Colorectal Surgeons can offer these exams more easily than before to optimize treatment planning and realize new revenues.
  • Gastroenterologists can also add a critical tool to their practice and treat patients more efficiently and effectively.
  • Primary Care Physicians can discuss incontinence problems and offer precise diagnosis to enhance treatment or refer patients appropriately.
  • Gerontologists can offer a full diagnostic screening to diagnose problems and provide precise treatment the first time.
  • URO/GYNs can more easily distinguish among specific anorectal problems.
  • OBGYNs can minimize risk due to undiscovered damage caused by a complicated vaginal delivery.

mcompass' comparatively low capital purchase price and ease of operation mean that testing can be practical and profitable for a broader range of physicians who wish to enhance patient care and to open new revenue streams. If you've ever thought about offering or enhancing anorectal testing, Medspira now offers you an important new option.

Patients Often Suffer in Silence, but You Can Help

Uncomfortable discussing their problems with unfamiliar specialists, patients with these conditions often suffer in silence. However, many report they would bring constipation or incontinence to the attention of a primary care physician, especially if asked or offered testing and a more direct path to treatment. For the first time, Medspira mcompass offers these doctors the opportunity to perform testing and meet an important patient need. And because results can be emailed off site for interpretation, primary care physicians can work in partnership with the gastrointestinal specialists and colorectal surgeons who will provide treatment, if advanced care is required.

This Dedicated Device Provides Important Benefits

mcompass is a dedicated anorectal manometry device, designed to provide high quality testing at a reasonable price point for this single use only. By contrast, many competing motility testing devices are unwieldy and expensive because they support a range of exams. mcompass uses an advanced, disposable probe specially engineered for the ultimate in anorectal manometry testing and patient comfort. Exam set up is fast. In most cases, the device will pay for itself in a short time.

To learn more about mcompass, our revolutionary anorectal manometry testing device, or get in touch with sales, Contact Us online today!

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